How it Works

STL Wedding Bid allows wedding vendors to post packages they have available for you to bid on. Some vendors will also provide a Purchase Now option that allows you to get the package without bidding. This will assure that you get the package offered.


 If you find something you like, Join to start the bidding process. You must enter a valid credit card at the time of joining to be allowed to bid. Your card will ONLY be charged if you are the winning bidder.


Once you have joined, find the package you are interested in by searching. You can then place your bid on the package for the amount you want.


If you are the winning bidder or purchase now your credit card will be charged the Stl Wedding Bid deposit amount (10% of the winning bid). You will then receive a confirmation email with the details of your winning bid and the seller (service provider) will also be notified. It will then be up to you and the seller to coordinate the remaining arrangements for the package. The vendor may require an additional deposit.